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6 Important Tips On How To Stay Fit In Winter

Winter is here! We all love and hate winter for different reasons. Winter is holidays, winter is fun but on the other side winter is not good enough for health. So here are some tips for you to take care of yourself in this holiday season so that you could come out of it with a bang.
1. Exercise (Outside of Gym):
If you exercise in a gym then don't worry I guess you are less likely to get sick in the winter then. But, if you can't hit the gym on daily basis then do as per below. 
You should do movements at indoors so that you could generate heat inside your body. 
Try to do atleast these exercises in the indoors:  - Go for a run - Push ups - Sit ups - Plank - Jumping 
2. What you should be eating? 
Eat oil. Yeah. Increase the intake of oil in the winter so that the dry skin could be shed off. Try to include some deep fried food in your diet so that winter could not make your skin dry. 
3. Cover yourself while going out:
This is very important. Cover your whole body right from…

Files Go by Google for Android?

By now you all might have heard about the new app launched by the Google, "Files Go". You may be tempted to install the application on your Android phone. Before you install this app go through the below review and then you choose if you really want to install this application on your phone or not.
The newly launched Files Go app was sometime around in the Google Play Store available as a beta app. I installed it back then with some curiosity that it may be different from what we see on the Play Store daily but to my disappointment it is nothing else than any other File Manager app which is included with phone memory cleaner and file transfer feature.

We all at this point have used various types of memory cleaning apps such as Clean Master, Super Booster to name a few and various file transfer apps like Shareit & Xender by now. Google has just integrated both of these options in one app along with the File Manager option inside this application. 
Application Review &…

How to unsend an email in Gmail?

Ever be in a situation where you sent and email to someone and you just wanted to revoke the email so that you could make changes to it or just unsend the email. You can unsend or revoke an email in Gmail. 
We now know that WhatsApp also allows us to revoke or delete a sent message but it needs to be done within 7 minutes else we cannot delete it. But, Gmail lets you decide in what time you want the message to be sent or revoked. How to do this? Read below. 
Steps to unsend an email:
1. On a Computer desktop or Laptop open in your browser  2. At the top right corner click on the gear icon (Settings)  3. Scroll down to 'Undo Send' and click on the box next to 'Enable Undo Send'. 4. You will now see a 'Send Cancellation Period'. In this section you will need to decide the time you want to unsend or revoke your email.  5. Once it is done click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.  6. Now after sending an email (Assuming you have composed and sent …

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